erika-3 In 2016, Brecon Jazz Club was delighted to offer a series of successful workshops over the Festival Weekend. These Wellbeing workshops with bassist Erika Lyons focused on music therapy techniques that allow the participants to connect with and channel innate musicality helping us to face and cope with the challenges of life. We plan on developing these programmes further over the 2017 weekend.

By using sounds and music creatively the therapist establishes a shared musical experience leading to physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

MUSIC-JAZZ-WELLBEING WORKSHOPS – with music therapist Erika Lyons

Fri 12th Aug 12.15pm MUSIC & WELLBEING FOR ALL – GUILDHALL £8 (90 mins)
In this workshop we will use instruments (supplied) and/or the voice to explore how to deepen help communication, awareness of others and a sense of self.

Sat 13th Aug 10.15am FAMILY MUSIC-MAKING – MUSE ARTS (FREE TASTER) (90 mins)
In this workshop we will use our innate musicality to play with ways we can support our children develop self-confidence and nurture this precious relationship whilst having fun.

Sun 14th Aug 11am JAZZ & GUIDED IMAGERY – GUILDHALL £8 (75 mins)
In this workshop we will use personal visualisations inspired by a carefully chosen sequence of recorded jazz to explore our inner world and wisdom and how they may relate to the “big picture” of life.

Sun 14th Aug 1pm MINDFULNESS & MUSIC – GUILDHALL £8 (90 mins)
In this workshop we will start with a short mindfulness practice and then explore how the intentional use sound can help us become more aware and to communicate more clearly.

Music therapists are highly proficient musicians professionally trained to Masters Level in the application of music therapy as a clinical intervention. Music therapy is a state-registered profession and governed by the Health & Care Professions Council ( ).
Erika Lyons (Music Therapist & Bass player)

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